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What is ponyamory?

What is ponyamory?


Ponyamory is a concept for the community of  ponies, who can´t take serious concepts seriously, although experiencing their seriousity day by day.

Ponyamory is about declaring that yourself and your friends are cute little ponies. It´s not about denying reality, it´s about making it colourful, adoreable and awsome.

Ponyamory knows only one essence or actuality, which is the actuality of ponity. It will accept any other definition, ponies give themselves, but it will keep seing the latently maintaining pony inside everypony.

Ponyamory is for everypony that sees itself included in the concept of „everypony“, as it is for everypony else.

Ponyamory loves love, the world, everypony who loves the world, everypony who loves love, everypony who loves everypony and finally everypony.

Ponyamory opposes a hierarchic ranking of relationships or ponies as well as any attempt to kill time by defining a time-ignoring and inflexible model of love, relationship or kind of relationship.

Ponyamory knows that friendship is magic. It also knows that magic without friendship is nothing but narcism.

Ponyamory is a wooden spoon, permanently hitting the balls of pickup in a soft and tickling way, until it may one day understand, that friendship ain´t the wooden spoon but the game pickup misinterpreted successfully.

Ponyamory is not focused on sexuality, it doesn´t care if you have sex, want sex or don´t like sex at all.

Ponyamory is not focused on gender, it doesn´t care if you have gender, want gender or don´t like gender at all.

Ponyamory is not sodomy in the sense of having sex with animals. It nontheless remains sodomy in the older, broader meaning, which covered all kinds of queers, perverts and sexual freaks, for everypony will be believed to be a freak if it strongly believes in its ponity or even tries to enlighten anypony about it.

Ponyamory doesn´t claim to know about the real world. It just claims to be able to cope with it.

Ponyamory is not post-gender. It is a way of coping with gender, heteronormativity, capitalism, racism and all the other structures anypony may refer to as the „Gesamtscheiße“.

Ponyamory is also a way of reflecting readymade relationships and the time spent watching TV-shows for little girls.

Ponyamory is somewhere halfway between „free love“ and „free hugs“.

Ponyamory is not opposed to Brony-culture, but critizises it for taking and closing spaces unconciously by defending their gender identity, which is a very understandable thing in the present situation of a society, which keeps ignoring their ponity.

Ponyamory won´t give you rules to structure your life according to, it will give you a warm hug, a hot cup of tea and some kind of decent conversation about bubbles and stuff.